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Sea-wolf by Stefdiamel
Stop here by Stefdiamel
Almost Human
New OC: Sterling by dollysistersmassacre
Inviting Eyes and Coils by dollysistersmassacre
Ebony Rose (redo) by dollysistersmassacre
COMMISSION: Naga!Ember by dollysistersmassacre
Tom-cat by DetectiveTomcat1412
Every New Day by MoeAlmighty
Nerdy Church Dress by MoeAlmighty
Happy Halloween And Stay Fresh by MoeAlmighty
SyphorLightning MLP Pagedoll by 46Kibahime
.:AT:. Auver by 46Kibahime
Ronnik Pixel by 46Kibahime
Skull - Adopted by Stefdiamel
Devin Manx Chibis by 46Kibahime
Fox McCloud by MoeAlmighty
PATTERN:freckles:STRIPES by RedVioletPanda
Kiba Being Weird Again by 46Kibahime
lanzas by S-Mouse
Larry gif by S-Mouse
Mei 2 by S-Mouse
Marylin family by S-Mouse
You Are Important To Me by MoeAlmighty
How may I help you, detective? by SassyWritter
Duke's Don't Blush by SassyWritter
Folklore Races
Spring Titania Adopt [Open] by ChibiShay
Aldo 2 by S-Mouse
This Is Fine by S-Mouse
Brennan 2 by S-Mouse
Almost-Human Fanart
Mad Steven by MoeAlmighty
The Face Of A Man Looking For A Worthy Opponent by MoeAlmighty
PREVIEW: Owl's Apprentice by 46Kibahime
Belated Birthday Cheebs by 46Kibahime
Reference Sheets
Vice Ref Sheet by itsmar
Cyborgs and Mecha
I am a robot by Stefdiamel
Adopt a rat [OPEN] by Stefdiamel
Ask Kitty#65: Friendly Sparing part10 by MoeAlmighty
Starbucks Girl by SIADmander
Jorathar by The-Second-Brother
Doll Maker l Lineart Colourings
New OC: Coral by dollysistersmassacre
Umbra by S-Mouse



Hey! Welcome to Almost-Human-OCs! This group is for all kinds of OCs, and when I say all kinds, I mean ALL kinds! From your Cat-Girl to Pokemon to People-Eating-Monster, they're all accepted, but our main focus is on OCs that look MOSTLY HUMAN. Mostly, not necessarily entirely ;P

A few rules:
:bulletpurple: Keep it clean - both in sexuality and in language. Adult or crude pictures and swearing (in artwork or description) will not be tolerated even if censored.
:bulletpurple: Be nice. We accept all kinds of people art wise, but will not hesitate to block people who are mean in our group.
:bulletpurple: Submit to the right place, please. I don't wanna have to put up a category for "I don't watch where I submit". It's depressing.
:bulletpurple: Category descriptions are in their appropreate folders. Please pay attention to them.
:bulletpurple: HAVE FUN! We'd love to have you here and share in your artwork, be it beginner or professional level. Remember; one of the best ways to improve is to look ;)
:bulletpurple: Even though I just said one of the best ways to improve is to look, that doesn't mean you can copy or steal. Art Thieves will be banned without question.



Hi everyone!

I have added a new folder for SHAPESHIFTERS. This is for all characters that have one human or almost-human form, and one or more not-human forms. Please note: IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER IN YOUR DRAWING, PLEASE SUBMIT IT TO THE GROUPS FOLDER. Even if both characters are the same species, this would really help me out.

I understand I have been a bit slow the last while in terms of moderating submissions. I have in the last year become employed, so my time is no longer so readily available as it once was. As such, please help make accepting submissions faster by choosing the correct folder from the start.

Thank you!

[ Feb 16 2015]

Hi everyone!

I've added two new folders in an attempt to help sharpen some blurry submission lines I've been seeing around.
:bulletgreen: Gijinkas - for any humanized or half-humanized object or animal
:bulletblue: Aliens - any and all races of alien, humanoid and feral alike.

Hope it helps!


[ Jan 12, 2015]

Hi all!

I'm pretty sure everyone in the group has noticed the 'Ask Kitty' comics coming in as the constant submissions to the group gallery.
From now on, all comics - including series and single panels including speech or thought bubbles - will be found in the comics folder.

This folder is open to all species, HOWEVER: Group rules apply and if one panel or page out of a series does not comply, that page will not be accepted regardless of the rest of the series.

And in case anyone has any doubts about what is acceptable - In layman's terms, the rules are simple:
:bulletred: NO nudity or explicit imagery
:bulletred: NO swearing'/otherwise crude language in either the picture or artists description
:bulletyellow: Gore is okay, just try not to traumatize the little kids, okay?


Thanks everyone!
~Kiba (founder)
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Leafycynical Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So, I'm holding a contest about making me a mascot for my account and was interested in submitting it into the group but don't know where it would go..

I don't even know if you accept these kinds of submissions XD
I'm mentioning u jus in case 46Kibahime 
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S-Mouse Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016
excuse me but i can't submit pictures to the folder Shapeshifters
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MyDevilsBlues Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hello there everyone? can anyone display their Oc character on this page after being accepted into the page??
NeowMeow Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yay!!! I'm back baby :3
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NeowMeow Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Missed the invite, my internet was down. Can it please be sent again?
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